Started in the fall of 2017, some may have thought that Cinnamon Media was founded after being inspired by  the wondrous  colors of the season and the beauty of the world in general. If that was the case, it would make a simple, nice story.  On the contrary, the concept of Cinnamon Media  has been hovering around the mind of its founder for a long time. Yet, he never had the time to   make  the idea  become a reality, not until  he lost his job and suddenly found himself surrounded by time in abundance.  There is a famous Buddhist quote, "in each loss there is a gain, and each gain there is a loss, and with each ending comes a new beginning". Thus,   Cinnamon Media  started its sojourn to create a ripple however small or big it maybe in the vast sea of the creative industry.

The personalities behind the company start off with the founder, a passionate photographer/videographer and a graphic designer by craft. If there was anything that could excite him, it would be  being ahead of the competition and the unique touches he adds to his work distinguishing himself from the others in the field. Often his biggest critic is himself and at the same time, his biggest fan....is also himself! Now, some might view this as a personality disorder, but the plain truth is if  one  is well informed with the kind of work that one surrounds oneself with, who is better to judge the work that's been done?  Experience is key in any industry, but experience combined with the ability for inspirations is like hydrogen and oxygen; it  fertilises the soil for things to grow. He gains inspirations from almost all forms of artistry, ranging from painting, hosting TV and radio shows, acting, singing  to rocking it out behind the drums on stage. 

 Next in line is a guy who often gets confused with a popular Sri Lankan artist when seen from a distance, mainly due to his long curly hairstyle that he stubbornly refuses to get rid of. His experience as an actor in a popular children’s TV show and a TV director / producer adds incredible value to the team on every occasion. But his most remarkable qualities extend away from his industry experiences to his personality. Calm, collected and  cool headed, he always manages to keep everyone entertained on site with his various comedic impersonations and actions. He is also blessed with an angelic voice which he shows off from time to time on stage during a musical night. When he is not singing, he will add to the vibe by showing off his skills as a talented percussionist. On site, you will always see him holding on to a gimbal and a camera the same way  he is holding on to his long curly hair. 

Imagine being able to decipher light as a physical entity that can be felt and manipulated to your liking. Might be a little hard to comprehend that thought, but such is the way the next individual sees his lighting on set. An award-winning TV director / producer, an enormous encyclopedia of knowledge in the field, and a set of eyes that has viewed the world through the camera lens more than through his own pair of glasses is the next individual on the team. A strong minded character who is laser focused on the task in hand, he is one of the very few people who can really rock a Fanny pack; everything from a Bobby pin to a Swiss Army knife, also a first aid kit that can only be used on camera equipment are the precious contents of the trustworthy Fanny pack. He encourages everyone  in  Cinnamon Media  to set new goals and targets.  If you befriend him, you may expect pictures and news articles  on a daily basis of new products related to the industry. He is also someone who enjoys the finer things in life as long as they include a camera with the most focal points or a lens with the smallest f stop. 

The web development aspects of Cinnamon Media is handled by an individual who is as  peculiar as peculiar one can get, and that is meant in the nicest way possible! A true artist with a paint brush and a canvas, add in some computer programming and you have a brilliantly skilled animator. Spends most of his days with his son and keeps a diary of paintings involving his son’s day to day activities, which he hopes to gift to the little guy when he turns 18. He is out of reach from the rest of the Cinnamon Media team, but he conveys his long distance love through hilarious DM’s and regular phone conversations. He is not afraid of calling out anyone for a mistake and speaks his mind freely. His talent speaks for itself, if you have browsed through this very website, you know what he is capable of. 

Lastly, there is the guy who is writing all these. The least experienced from the whole team, but forever grateful to be in the mix of these super cool individuals. Referred to as the ‘email dude’ (for a group of creative guys, you think they would have come up with a better name),  he is responsible for maintaining  communication. You may see him behind a camera from time to time, but he prefers to mostly do the management aspects of a project. The founder is so obsessed with this person that you may also see him makes cameo appearance in   projects from time to time, not by will but by force! Jokes aside, there is not much else to say about this person because he prefers his work to reflect his character.

So, there you have a little glimpse to the background of the team and what the team represents. In a universe that contains infinite possibilities, Cinnamon Media is more than willing to embrace the  creative opportunities available and presented to them  . As mentioned earlier Cinnamon Media strives to create a ripple in this sea of creativity,  a ripple working its way to become a wave. A wave created not to overshadow other ripples, but to inspire them to become swells as well. 

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